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Dumbara Handloom Beanbag 7

Regular price 10,500.00 ฿

Dumbara beanbags are made from an ancient, time-consuming weaving technique passed down from generation to generation and now only practised by a handful of families. Striking, psychedelic and guaranteed one of a kind, these beanbags are produced using fabrics that are sourced directly from the weavers and cannot be designed or made to order. 

Each bean bag weighs approximately 1.5 kg unfilled (depending on the individual fabrics used) and 4.5 kg filled. Dimensions are roughly 1m x 1m x 1m. Waterproof inner covers ensure the filling is always dry and the removable outer covers can be easily washed.

Prices include delivery within the Bangkok area.

Please contact us by phone or email (contact details are at the bottom of the page) prior to making an order. Delivery without filling can be arranged for other destinations within Thailand and internationally – please contact us for more information.